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About us

We are a small "hobby farm" nestled in the Endless Mountains of NEPA.

About the Farm

In addition to our alpacas and llama we also raise Myotonic and Mini Nubian dairy goats.

What farm is complete without chickens? We keep laying hens year-round. 

In the Fall of 2022, we will be excitedly adding mini cattle of various breeds spanning from Belted Galloway, Highland and White Park, to name a few. Stay tuned and check in with us to see where this new journey leads us!

The boys have taken interest in the 4H Livestock world. They have been dabbling in raising market hogs and steers and are loving it each year. They've learned SO many things participating in the program, and so have WE!

I am no stranger to the farm life, growing up on a Registered Holstein Dairy Cow farm in Susquehanna County. My dear father is a "true cow man," spending countless hours studying pedigrees, bloodlines and lineage. I am striving to keep that in mind when making purchases here at my farm, while keeping the value of by-products in mind. I cannot go without recognizing my dear mother in her support of my "habits," always encouraging me to reach for the stars. I feel I've done that with these wondrous creatures!

​About Ryan and Amanda

​Our land was acquired via Ryan's father near his family stone business where he makes his living. In my prior-to-children life, I was a Registered Nurse. Perhaps someday, I'll get back there!

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