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I tried my hand at raising San Clemente Island goats as part of the endangered breeds recovery efforts of the Livestock Conservancy. While I gave it a "go" for a few years, my heart was not with the breed in particular. I soon became aware of the "Mini Nubian" breed from my dear friend, Kathie, and I was hooked! While searching and searching FB postings, I was quickly alerted to the fact that smaller goat breeds were trending and that made my decision very clear. Give the people what they want! So. On May 21st, I met a lovely gal in a parking lot 2 hours from home and I picked up my very first Mini Nubian doe. More to come! I am in LOVE <3

Star's Udder post kidding 2020




SKYE {doeling}

Star's Triplet Doelings 2020

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